Beer Style: Dubbel

Beer Name State Brewer BA Link
Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale

Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale

Has a very distinctive bouquet: yeasty, fruity and slightly smoky. In palate, it has notes of port, raisins and black.. Read More…

ABV 7.50%
Brewer Brouwerij Corsendonk
Region Belgium, Oud-Turnhout
Oud-Turnhout Brouwerij Corsendonk beer advocate 24


Double has undergone two fermentations, which gives this ale a chocolatey, toffee taste with a warming brandy-like finish.

ABV 6.50%
Brewer Brasserie Union (Alken-Maes / Heineken)
Region Belgium, Jumet
Jumet Brasserie Union (Alken-Maes / Heineken) beer advocate 25
Ommegang Abbey Dubbel

Ommegang Abbey Dubbel

Deep burgundy color with a big, fluffy head. Complex fruit aromas with a layered sweetness (honey, then caramel, then toffee).. Read More…

ABV 8.50%
Brewer Ommegang
Food Relation savory dishes, meats, barbeque, rich cheeses, almost every dessert
Region United States, New York
New York Ommegang beer advocate 172